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  1. 2 years ago
    Sat Aug 8 11:58:32 2015
    chintan started the conversation Change Log .

    Version 2.0.1

    • Bug Fix for Dates in Projects and Tasks
    • Bug Fix for being not able to alter the subtasks in the Task Section
    • Added List View for Projects and Tasks
    • Added feature of exporting the calendar event to Google Calendar and iCal.
    • Added feature of Gantt Chart in the Reports Section
    • Added feature for Admin to View all the Projects in the Admin Section
    • and other various bug fix
  2. Mon Jul 27 13:05:44 2015
    chintan posted in Next Version is here..

    Next version is live now. Please have a look at here .
    Lots of exciting changes. Soon will add the docs for the application.


  3. Wed Jul 22 04:09:44 2015
    chintan posted in Free and open source.

    @ConsoleTVs You can use the v1. Available at

  4. Thu Jul 9 05:13:24 2015
    chintan posted in Free and open source.

    @austinkregel Thank you very much for your support. We are glad that 92five app fits in your requirement. Re. Free and Open Source: I have developed 92five app v1 as a side project and made it free and open source. It was developed solely by me. I got a awesome response for 92five app. Hence decided to make the next version more awesome with exciting features. It wasn't possible for me to do the things alone. Hence, gathered a team to make that happen. We are team now working full time on 92five app to make it more awesome. We won't charge your per month or per user or per project. 92five app will remain self hosted. You just pay a nominal charge once ( as compared to other apps in the market) and get six months of support and free updates for life. Its a one time price. Hows that sound ? We are here to make things awesome. To make things which people can use it everyday.

    P.S. v1 will always remain free and open source.

  5. Sun Jun 21 13:01:05 2015
    chintan started the conversation Next Version is here..

    Next Version is almost here. Register your email address for public beta at We will send an invitation link soon.

  6. Mon Jun 15 09:36:35 2015
    chintan posted in Installation on localhost.

    You need to add unix socket for mamp in mac.
    In your app/config/database.php add the following

    'mysql' => array(
    			'driver'    => 'mysql',
    			'host'      => 'localhost',
    			'unix_socket'   => '/Applications/MAMP/tmp/mysql/mysql.sock',
    			'database'  => 'your-database-name',
    			'username'  => 'username',
    			'password'  => 'password',
    			'charset'   => 'utf8',
    			'collation' => 'utf8_unicode_ci',
    			'prefix'    => '',

    Let me know if you need any further help in installing.

  7. Wed Jun 10 11:22:56 2015
    chintan posted in Next version release?.

    @mithin Yes. At the end of this month. We are in last phase of testing. :)

  8. Tue Jun 2 05:29:12 2015

    Please disable the custom error pages and you will get the exact error code. Let me know what you get as an exact error when you visit /install page.

    P.S. To disable the custom error page please follow the steps listed here

  9. Tue Jun 2 05:25:08 2015

    @Dawsonchen I will look into it. I am sure you can log in at the same time from both devices.

  10. Tue Jun 2 05:24:14 2015

    @strannik Sorry for the late reply.

    Import / Export:
    Currently there are no functionality for exporting and importing the projects / tasks. However, I am planning to add all the formats for import / export in near future.

    Umm Gantt Chart and pert chart will be included in the near future

    Both general (chats) and task specific (comments) have been added in the next version.

    Thanks for your suggestions.

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