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    Thu May 12 05:14:43 2016
    chintan started the conversation Login bug fix - Urgent.

    Some of our users faced an error while logging in into the application.

    We use Google’s online encryption library for encrypting password. However, 10 hours ago Google has closed down its library without any prior notice. Some of you might have stuck at the blue screen after entering password. The reason for this is that app is not able to find the encryption library.

    We have a came across a temporary solution for the app to work normally. We will release an update soon with the permanent and strong solution. We would kindly request you to please follow the steps to make your app working as normal.

    Please download the login.js from here
    Replace the file at the the following location
    Location: [app directory]/assets/js/auth/login.js

    Since the issue is with login module we cannot release the update for the same. We would kindly request you to please replace the file manually.

    We are very aware that our service is essential to many teams. Earning your trust through the operation of a secure service will always be our highest priority. We deeply regret this incident and apologize to you and to everyone who relies on 92five app for this inconvenience caused.

    For any queries / assistance, reply to this email or contact us on Prompt reply guaranteed.

  2. Thu Mar 31 13:11:54 2016
    chintan posted in Change Log .

    Version 2.1.3 - Major Update with three different modules added

    • Payroll module
    • HR module
    • Leads module
    • Bug fix of showing all the task in timesheet. Only active task will be shown.
    • Linked Bank Accounts with Payroll so that it can notify regarding balance in the bank account when salaray is deducted.
    • Entries of salaries will be added to the bank account selected during payroll.
    • various bugs fix
  3. Fri Feb 5 04:51:17 2016
    chintan posted in New features release date?.

    Hi Jan(@bash2day )

    Thanks for the compliments. I have already sent an invitation email for you to signup for demo. If you haven't received it I would suggest to have a look at spam folder. Please click on activation link to get started. Please let me know if you have any issues regarding signing up for the demo.


  4. Sat Jan 2 10:56:02 2016
    chintan posted in Change Log .

    Version 2.1.2

    • View All Data (Projects, Tasks, Files, etc ) from the Admin Panel
    • Client Proposal and Estimate feature Added
    • Export Clients, Users, Projects, Tasks etc. in Excel Format
    • Notification when task is completed or delayed
    • Notification when Project is completed
    • Reminder created for Calendar Events
    • Bank Accounts Book Keeping feature added
    • Mail template in Invoice for 'Mail to Client' feature has changed
    • Client list view feature added
    • User list view feature added
    • API bug fix
    • various bugs fix
  5. Wed Dec 9 06:35:38 2015
    chintan posted in Change Log .

    Version 2.1.1

    • API Support. Files added to support the mobile apps.
    • various bugs fix


  6. Sat Nov 21 07:00:24 2015
    chintan posted in Change Log .

    Version 2.1.0

    • Enable / Disable feature now includes Chat and Group Messages
    • Default View for Project and Task from List View and vice versa
    • Invoice Module added
    • Clients can now upload files from the Client Dashboard to a project
    • View uploaded PDF files in the browser directly before downloading.
    • various bugs fix
  7. Fri Oct 23 13:48:34 2015
    chintan posted in Change Log .

    Version 2.0.2

    • Timesheet Approve
    • Add task directly from project index page
    • Add subtask and timesheet entry directly from task index page
    • Project Managers, Leaders and Admins can approve / disapprove timesheet of other users
    • Export timesheet entry to excel format
    • User can enable / disable all the modules (like Calendar, Timesheet, To-dos etc)
    • Feature added to upload all the files for Amazon S3 Bucket.
    • Ability to migrate MySQL database from one host to another
    • Remember Me feature added
    • various bugs fix
  8. Thu Sep 24 14:05:27 2015
    chintan posted in New features release date?.


    I am glad that you liked the application.

    Answer: We will release the feature one by one with the updates. We will first release the update of cloud storage, then for the invoice and then agile components and many more after that. We don't have any fixed date as of yet for the next update but you can expect in within a week or 10 days. You can also follow us on twitter for the latest updates regarding features .

    Features you are missing : I will surely discuss it with the team and see if we can include them in our next update.


  9. Fri Sep 11 05:17:48 2015
    chintan posted in 92fiveapp v1 with SSL.

    Hi Nick,

    They are not ready as of yet. If you want we can do it for you. However, if you wish to do it on your own or with a third party please make it public so that community gets the advantage of it.


  10. Thu Sep 10 05:58:25 2015
    chintan posted in 92fiveapp v1 with SSL.


    You can run on 92five app using SSL. You need to have some modifications for some file uploads and email settings.
    Please let me know if you need any further information.

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