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    Fri Sep 26 11:13:43 2014

    Omg yes it works! :)
    Just changed my php.ini asp_tags = "ON" to asp_tags = "OFF"

    Thank you! Im not very familiar with github (not yet) so i didnt think about looking for the issue on git.

  2. Tue Sep 23 11:26:02 2014

    Hello there!

    Im wondering why there isnt any further answer/post yet.
    Anyway, i've got the same problem. Dashoard, Projects and Tasks are working fine but there are Errors with Calendar, Timesheet and My To-dos

    The App is hosted at domainfactory.eu (Apache 2.2.22 Server)
    I set the debug flag to true and commented the lines as written above.
    The following pictures show the error messages:



    My To-dos

    I'd apreciate to get some help cause id really like to use this app. Nice job so far! Looks great! :)

  3. Sat Sep 20 23:52:19 2014
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