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    Thu Feb 4 20:06:06 2016
    B bash2day posted in New features release date?.

    Hi Chintan, Nice to see the progress with all the new features. I still haven't found a reliable self-hosted project management tool for our project. We use currently Zoho projects which is unfortunately missing some features and is not self hosted. Therefore I'm still thinking of getting your app but want to first check the demo again. Can you send the login details? Also, as we are a startup company, would you consider a discount please? Our company is at www.kaboogabike.com.

    Thank you in advance and greetings,


  2. Wed Sep 23 09:47:43 2015
    B bash2day posted in New features release date?.

    Hi, I'm strongly considering using the 92fiveapp. Tried the demo and have to say that it looks and works very good. Would be great tool for our current project management.

    Question: when do you plan to release the version with new features stated on your website, namely invoice, agile components and cloud?

    Features that we miss for now:

    • Task lists ... to group tasks into lists or sort of chapters.
    • Linked tasks ... as if I update end-date of a task, a related task's start-date gets updated automatically.
    • In gantt chart ... possibility to move start/end date of tasks manually (drag/drop)
    • Color distinction of tasks according to users assigned.

    Thanx in advance for the answer and wish you success!

  3. Sat Sep 19 21:38:43 2015
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