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    Wed Jul 22 09:53:49 2015
    C ConsoleTVs posted in Free and open source.

    @chintan What about a student's licence? I feel like this can be really productive when working in a small group. I personaly belong in the polytechnic university of catalonia and this could be really productive. (maybe it should need a code sharing feature) but still very good.

  2. Tue Jul 21 14:33:48 2015
    C ConsoleTVs posted in Free and open source.

    I would aprrechiate an Open Source of this version, reducing some of it's features, or in any case, still be able to use the v1 of the shoftware

  3. Thu May 28 10:50:22 2015
    C ConsoleTVs started the conversation "Oops! There was an error" screen!.

    After I put all the files in myu XAMPP folder, and visit it, i get a Oops there was a problem screen, with red background, it happens the same if i visit /install

    I managed to check all the requirements of the app, and they are all OK, anything i can do? please notice it happens the same to any sub URL i visit, even 404 error shows the Opps there was an error, go back to dashboard screen.

  4. Tue May 26 13:02:03 2015
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