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    Wed Jul 22 09:53:49 2015
    C ConsoleTVs posted in Free and open source.

    @chintan What about a student's licence? I feel like this can be really productive when working in a small group. I personaly belong in the polytechnic university of catalonia and this could be really productive. (maybe it should need a code sharing feature) but still very good.

  2. Tue Jul 21 14:33:48 2015
    C ConsoleTVs posted in Free and open source.

    I would aprrechiate an Open Source of this version, reducing some of it's features, or in any case, still be able to use the v1 of the shoftware

  3. 2 years ago
    Thu May 28 10:50:22 2015
    C ConsoleTVs started the conversation "Oops! There was an error" screen!.

    After I put all the files in myu XAMPP folder, and visit it, i get a Oops there was a problem screen, with red background, it happens the same if i visit /install

    I managed to check all the requirements of the app, and they are all OK, anything i can do? please notice it happens the same to any sub URL i visit, even 404 error shows the Opps there was an error, go back to dashboard screen.

  4. Tue May 26 13:02:03 2015
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