How to create a pdf file?

  1. 2 years ago

    Hello 92fiveapp team,

    First of all, 92fiveapp wonderful product. Thanks.

    Some questions:

    How to create a pdf file? and How to use pdf package in 92fiveapp.

    Thanks to advance.

  2. chintan

    12 Mar 2015 Administrator


    Currently there is are no options for creating a pdf file in this version. However, I am developing the next version and it has the functionality to create pdf files.


  3. I use FireShot Lite (a plugin for Chrome) for pdf export while waiting for the next update, it's works pretty well to get a good pdf from the reports

  4. chintan

    22 Mar 2015 Administrator

    @TiGuy PDF export of reports will be available in the next version. Thanks.

  5. Monica

    23 Jun 2015 Administrator

    @kumarramalingam Next Version is almost here. Register your email address for public beta at We will send an invitation link soon. here we have PDF export of reports.


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