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    25 Jul 2014 Administrator

    Before proceeding to installation please make sure that your server meets the minimum server requirements:

    Minimum Server Requirements

    • PHP 5.4 or greater
    • PDO PHP extendsion
    • MCrypt PHP extendsion
    • GD PHP library
    • MySql Database

    If your webserver is running Apache then mod_rewrite should be installed


    1. Please make sure that directory / sub-directory in which you are installing the application is empty
    2. Download the Zip Archive from the here
    3. Unzip the archive to the prepared directory
    4. Grant writing permission to app/storage, assets/uploads and assets/images/profilepics
    5. Navigate to the /install to start the wizard and follow the instruction
  2. There is no install folder in the download zip.

  3. chintan

    31 Jul 2014 Administrator

    Routes are configured so you wont find the install folder.
    Follow the above instruction to install the application.
    Let me know if you need any help in installation.

  4. Hi Guys, I have installed the app (very easy by the way) and some troubles with create new users hapen. Do you know about this?

  5. What should I actually write in the Installation page form? It always says "Oops ! Something Went Wrong." This is what I've tried:
    Host: localhost
    Database: (name of the database I've created for 92five)
    Username: (name of the user I created for the database, has all privileges)
    Password: (password)
    Prefix: (none)

  6. @Ysikaks try connect the database with some other app to check your credentials

  7. chintan

    1 Aug 2014 Administrator
    Edited 3 years ago by chintan

    @Ysikaks In which page are you getting error ?

  8. I am trying to install it on a shared hosting, is this possible?

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  10. Deleted 3 years ago by bludot
  11. chintan

    2 Aug 2014 Administrator
    Edited 3 years ago by chintan

    @Jurgen Yes its possible. Let me know if you face any error.

  12. @chintan @Jurgen Yes its possible. Let me know if you face any error.

    Well after I unzip it, it redirects me to the login screen, I didnt't even install it.

  13. chintan

    2 Aug 2014 Administrator

    @Jurgen visit /install to start the installation wizard

  14. @chintan @Jurgen visit /install to start the installation wizard

    I get a redirect loop when i visit domain/app/views/install/

  15. chintan

    3 Aug 2014 Administrator

    @Jurgen You don't have to visit domain/app/views/install
    In which url have you copied files ? Let me know the folder structure of files you have copied.

  16. Deleted 3 years ago by chintan
  17. Just confirming if this is the correct install point.
    I unzipped into projectmanager folder and it created the 2 subfolders 92fiveapp/92fiveapp
    Is this the correct URL/URI to navigate to begin the install process?

    If I go to this URL/URI
    I get a page not found error.

  18. chintan

    4 Aug 2014 Administrator

    @waptug Please go to login page and click on forgot password.
    If you get page not found error then please make sure that mod_rewrite module in Apache is enabled.
    Once it is enabled you can start the installatioin by visiting:

    if you get the forgot password page then visit
    and then go to app/storage/logs/todaysdate log file and let me know the first error.

  19. When going to the installation page, I just get the 'Oops something went wrong' page. Currently on one of my VPS' with all dependencies on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Permissions configured per the guide above. Any thoughts?

  20. chintan

    15 Aug 2014 Administrator

    Here are some of the steps which might help you to solve it.

    1. Set debug flag to true in app/config/app.php
    2. Comment line 110 - 113 in app/start/global.php i.e.

    App::error(function(SomeThingWentWrongException $exception, $code)
    return Response::view('errors.somethingwentwrong', array('subject'=>'Project'),400);
    changes to

    /*App::error(function(SomeThingWentWrongException $exception, $code)
    return Response::view('errors.somethingwentwrong', array('subject'=>'Project'),400);

    These steps will show you the error your are facing instead of usual something went wrong page.
    Please let me know what is the error and we can take it further from there...

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