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  1. 2 years ago
    Edited 2 years ago by oozypal


    I can not get email to work. I did the configuration but still did not work. Can anyone help me out troubleshoot the issue?

  2. chintan

    15 Jan 2015 Administrator

    What exact error you are having ? Has mail been sent properly i.e. all details are correct ? If yes please have a look at spam folder of your inbox.

    Disable the customised error pages to see what exact error you are getting. Also if you running the application on shared hosting I would suggest please confirm with your hosting provider that port 25 is open.

  3. Edited 2 years ago by oozypal

    Unfortunately, I don't see any error. There is no email actually goes. Port 25 is open. I also double checked the settings and they are fine.

    Any other suggestions?

    By the way, it is my own server and I checked the error log for the whole cpanel and did not see anything regarding this issue.

    When actually an email gets sent? How can I test this functionality?


  4. chintan

    3 Feb 2015 Administrator

    I would suggest you add a dummy user with valid email address. Also please check the spam folder in the email as well just in case.

  5. Edited 2 years ago by oozypal

    I tried everything possible with no help. Let's take it step by step. When does the software actually sends emails? Is it when a task is assigned? Is it when a user is created?


  6. chintan

    16 Feb 2015 Administrator

    @oozypal No it doesn't send email when you assign task. It only send mail when user is created or user has forgot password. I am integrating the system that sends email to the user when some project / task is assigned.


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