Reports & exporting

  1. 2 years ago


    1. Is there a plan to add a reporting function in 92five ? Something that can be exported either in PDF, HTML, DOC, whatever
    2. Is there a way for an admin to view the timesheets of each user in order to see the activity for each project ?

    Offtopic: Any idea when a new version will be published ?


  2. chintan

    11 Jan 2015 Administrator
    • Yes in next version all reports will be exported to PDF.
    • Currently No. Admin can view the timesheet of the users of a particular project for a duration of time. for.e.g. Admin can view the timesheet for user A for project Test Project for the month of January 2015

    Next version will be out around March 2015.


  3. Monica

    23 Jun 2015 Administrator

    @jay Next Version is almost here. Register your email address for public beta at We will send an invitation link soon.


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