Bug in timesheet

  1. 2 years ago
    Edited 2 years ago by Kvist

    Hey dude, awesome work on this one!
    I am currently busy with translating your app to German and while testing all the functions, I noticed that in the Timesheet-section, if you just get on the page, the delete button for entries doesn't work. I didn't know if this was better for Technical oder Bug Report, so please don't blame me.

    For better comprehension: It's the 20th November 2014 today. If I create an entry for today, go back to dashboard and again back to timesheet, I can see this entry immediately (of course). But if I now click on the delete button of the entry, nothing happens. Only if I switch to another day and back to today, the delete-element shows up.

    Here's the fix:
    in app/views/dashboard/timesheet/view.blade.php, you seem to have forgotten to add

    $(document).on("click", ".delevent", function() {
          var eventid = $('.delevent').attr('eventid');
            $('#entryId').attr('value', eventid);

    to the script section. This will do it, so you may add this to upcoming versions. I know this isn't much, but it bothered me, so I wanted to write it here. Anyway again, great work dude, keep this up!

  2. chintan

    20 Nov 2014 Administrator

    @Kvist Awesome. Thanks man. Really appreciate your work for the bug fix. Thanks again. Also I would suggest not to translate the app since i am making some changed in the language file. Please wait till monday. I will be done by then. Will let you know once the updates has been added.

    Thanks again.

  3. Okay, so then I will be patient until monday ;) And I'm very glad to hear I could help you. For the next I noticed, that a similar problem occurs in the calendar section, where - as I see it right - you should replace line 221

    $(document).on("click", ".removeme", function() {
       var email = $(this).parent('li').attr('email');
       var emaillist = $('#tagsinput').val();
       newemaillist = $.grep(emaillist.split(','), function(v) {
         return v != email;


    $(document).on("click", ".delevent", function() {
          var eventid = $('.delevent').attr('eventid');
            $('#deleteEventId').attr('value', eventid);

    I hope this helps you too, wish you a great weekend!

  4. dear kvist,
    i am also interested in translating into the german language. do we want to share the work? half the work -> doubled speed.


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