Problem with re-installation

  1. 2 years ago

    Hi, I installed the app without any difficulty. But then I needed to move to another server. I copied all the files and uploaded to the new server, updated the connection string settings, and copied the database over to the new server. It kept coming up with the red error string. So then I deleted all data in the db, deleted all files and did a fresh install. (I didn't have any projects yet I didn't really have to migrate.) But after the db settings screen, I am getting the red error screen again. So, I turned on debug mode and commented out the lines for the red error screen so I could see the actual error instead of just a general error screen. Here is what I got:
    Unable to rewrite key "connections.mysql.password" in config, rewrite failed

  2. chintan

    25 Oct 2014 Administrator

    After migrating and deleting all the data from the DB did you marked the installed flag to false in app/config/92five.php ?

    I would suggest you do that and then try again.

  3. I guess you missed where I said I had deleted the whole app and uploaded a fresh install. But just to be sure, I checked and the install flag is already false.

  4. chintan

    27 Oct 2014 Administrator

    @robert1966 Sorry I missed that point. Did you leave the field blank or you entered the password. Because sometime I had the error (not the one you are having , a different one) if I had left the password field blank.

  5. yeah I put the pw. I copied and pasted all the data (db name, username, pw) and it's localhost (it's a cpanel server) . It passes all the tests at the beginning too (for app requirements).

  6. chintan

    29 Oct 2014 Administrator

    Could you please grant the writing permission to the following files: app/config/92five.php, app/config/database.php and app/config/app.php

    Let me know how it goes.


  7. Changed all 3 files to 777 permissions. No change.

  8. chintan

    30 Oct 2014 Administrator

    if you application is live is it possible to get the url of the same ?

  9. Well, it's accessible online, but it's not successfully installed yet. Since this is viewable publicly by anyone, could I have an email address so I can send you the URL and also the db connection information, I'll give you FTP also if that will help.


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