problems in:adding users, setting emails configurations and updating passwords

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    adding user

    first when i try to add a user ,i set the email of him , but an email with activation link isn't sent although i've set email configration as below:
    Port: 465
    Sender's email: email)
    username :
    Password : {my_password_here}
    Encryption : SSL
    Sender's Name: Mohammed Manssour

    the issue in summary : i can't add user becuase the activation link can't be sent

    updating passwords

    when i try to update my password or some user's password no action is done when i click on update password button. i examined it using firebug the form missing action

  2. chintan

    19 Sep 2014 Administrator

    Re. Adding User

    I have not used gmail as smtp server so I am not sure where you are having error. Might be due to encryption type since 92five have no encryption for sending email (at the moment). Try using simple SMTP server without encryption.

    Also if you want to add users without email. You can do that too. On the page where you are entering email, there is a link called "Add users with details". Click on that and you will be able to add users.

    Re. Updating Passwords

    Please make sure that password indicator (the red bar beside the password text box) should turn green in order to update the password. Unless it turns green, form will not be submitted.

    Let me know if you need any more help on any topics. :)


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