Help with understanding the app interface

  1. 2 years ago

    I have few questions:

    1. Where is the option to upload/change user's profile pic?
    2. Why isn't an admin/manger able view all the projects?
  2. chintan

    18 Sep 2014 Administrator

    This is the basic version of the application with basic functionality.
    Re. Profile Pic
    Currently there is no option for changing the profile pic in the interface. However you can replace your image if you have access to the files. Do the following to change the image:

    1. Goto assets/images/profilepics
    2. you will see your profile pic image named as your userid with png extension.
    3. paste your image(please make sure that its png extension) with same name (your userid).

    Re. admin / manager
    Many user have requested the same thing and am currently working on it. :)

  3. Actually I'm too working on it. I would like to contribute to the development. Do you have any developer's guide?

  4. chintan

    19 Sep 2014 Administrator

    @vkbansal Glad to hear that. I am afraid I don't have any developer's guide but feel free to ask anything regarding development on my email.

    Also please note that this is an open source project so what ever you contribute will be used by the community.

    Glad to have your contribution. :)


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