Changing the language?

  1. 3 years ago

    Hi I would like to translate the system to the language Danish. I have been looking for the classic .po and .mo files but cannot seem to find any. Is there a central place where I can find all the strings that needs translation?

  2. chintan

    18 Aug 2014 Administrator

    @kimusan I am afraid this application is restricted to only English language. I will add the feature of internalization soon.

  3. Sounds good. Keep me posted and I will contribute Danish Language support for 925 ;-)

  4. chintan

    18 Aug 2014 Administrator

    @kimusan Sure. Would be glad.Thanks

  5. 2 years ago

    Count me in to help you translate 92fiveapp into spanish :)

  6. chintan

    20 Aug 2014 Administrator

    @JulianD Sure. Would do. Thanks.

  7. Count me in for Spanish too.

  8. chintan

    25 Aug 2014 Administrator

    @trevanian Sure would do.

  9. I can help translate to Portuguese (Brazil)

  10. chintan

    2 Sep 2014 Administrator

    @jorgejeferson Cool. Thanks. Will update soon on how to add langauge.

  11. Would love to translate to Dutch. It's not the first time I would translate an online service.

    Any schedule for an update yet?

  12. chintan

    16 Feb 2015 Administrator

    @sypie Thanks for your help. Currently i am facing some issues regarding translation. Will update soon.


  13. 92fiveapp is good. I'll introduce it to my friends.
    So I want to translate it into Chinese if it will ease your job.

  14. Hi, Congrats for this app.

    I can help for French translation.
    I've already made a pull request with some modif.


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