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    Well, I decided to try this app because it looks very professional and full featured. I have it working right now but I'd like to submit my feedback so far:


    • I understand the developer is working on a more robust installer that takes care of most of the prerequisites. That'd be a plus.
    • I had to figure out how to configure nginx (pretty easy, just look for laravel nginx and follow the instructions you find)
    • The installer complained several times during the installation. If I recall correctly it was about some permissions in directories AND files.
    • When it was time to setup my admin account, for some reason, I submitted an account but the system displayed a general error. However, the account was created. This was very confusing because I tried to submit the form a second time and it complained with a general error. It took me some minutes to figure out that the error was regarding an admin account with the same email. I used a different email and it went OK this time. It would be good to be more verbose when an error is displayed.

    Email setup
    - I haven't been able to setup my email server. It always asks for a user and password. However, my smtp server doesn't require one and it fails if I enter a random username.

    That's it for now. I'm going to use this thread to report other problems that I find in my way. Congratulations on this great project and keep up the good work!

  2. chintan

    15 Aug 2014 Administrator

    Thanks for your feedback.

    • A more robust and user friendly installer and update system will be included in the next version. I am currently working on the same.
    • Installer checks the writing permission before starting the installation. This is to avoid any errors that might occur after installing the app.
    • Re. Admin account: noted.

    Email setup:
    - Username and password for email setup are required for security reasons. If you are not using any username and password in your SMTP server I would recommend you to create one for security reasons.

    You can post your problems / suggestions here or on github

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    22 Jun 2015 Administrator

    Next Version is almost here. Register your email address for public beta at We will send an invitation link soon.
    Thanks. @JulianD


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