Error Timesheet, MyTodos, Calendar

  1. 3 years ago

    Hi, if i click on any of this Links Timesheet, MyTodos, Calendar i get an error.

    Log Error:
    PHP Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference in xxxxxxxxxxxx/app/storage/views/8403342d135ef93ae1cf0e3bbaf1e2dd on line 75

    What can i do?

  2. chintan

    3 Aug 2014 Administrator

    @Cruze Please delete all the contents of xxxxxxxxxxxx/app/storage/views and then try again.
    Let me know if you still face the same error.

  3. Hi Chintan, yes the same error.

  4. chintan

    3 Aug 2014 Administrator
    Edited 3 years ago by chintan

    @Cruze Could you please tell me environment in which you are running the application and also please share the screenshot of the page when you click on timesheet or calendar or MyTodos (any one will do) ?

  5. Hi Cintan, we are hosting on Linux gentoo with php 5.5.14 FastCGI and Mysql 5.5.
    I can share you a screenshot, but i only see your default error message. I only see information in our logs

  6. chintan

    4 Aug 2014 Administrator

    @Cruze Thanks for the info. Just one more thing. Apache or Nginx ?

  7. Its Apache 2.2.22

  8. chintan

    8 Aug 2014 Administrator

    @Cruze Thanks. Will look into it and update you on the same.

  9. Any news?

  10. chintan

    17 Aug 2014 Administrator

    I have tested on different server with different configurations but didn't got this error. I tried on system with similar configurations as yours and found it to be working smoothly.
    To analyse the error could you perform the following steps and let me know where exactly error you are getting. These steps will enable Laravel's default error reporting tool:

    • Set debug flag to true in app/config/app.php
    • Comment line 110 - 113 in app/start/global.php i.e.

    App::error(function(SomeThingWentWrongException $exception, $code) { return Response::view('errors.somethingwentwrong', array('subject'=>'Project'),400); });
    changes to

    /*App::error(function(SomeThingWentWrongException $exception, $code)
    return Response::view('errors.somethingwentwrong', array('subject'=>'Project'),400); 

    These steps will show you the error your are facing instead of usual something went wrong page.
    Please let me know what is the error and we can take it further from there...

  11. 2 years ago

    Hello there!

    Im wondering why there isnt any further answer/post yet.
    Anyway, i've got the same problem. Dashoard, Projects and Tasks are working fine but there are Errors with Calendar, Timesheet and My To-dos

    The App is hosted at (Apache 2.2.22 Server)
    I set the debug flag to true and commented the lines as written above.
    The following pictures show the error messages:



    My To-dos

    I'd apreciate to get some help cause id really like to use this app. Nice job so far! Looks great! :)

  12. chintan

    24 Sep 2014 Administrator

    @Row Looks like you need to make some change in your php.ini file. Have a look this issue in github.

    Please let me know if you are still unable to solve this.

  13. Edited 2 years ago by Row

    Omg yes it works! :)
    Just changed my php.ini asp_tags = "ON" to asp_tags = "OFF"

    Thank you! Im not very familiar with github (not yet) so i didnt think about looking for the issue on git.


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