Change Log

  1. 2 years ago


    8 Aug 2015 Administrator
    Edited last year by chintan

    Version 2.0.1

    • Bug Fix for Dates in Projects and Tasks
    • Bug Fix for being not able to alter the subtasks in the Task Section
    • Added List View for Projects and Tasks
    • Added feature of exporting the calendar event to Google Calendar and iCal.
    • Added feature of Gantt Chart in the Reports Section
    • Added feature for Admin to View all the Projects in the Admin Section
    • and other various bug fix
  2. last year


    23 Oct 2015 Administrator
    Edited last year by chintan

    Version 2.0.2

    • Timesheet Approve
    • Add task directly from project index page
    • Add subtask and timesheet entry directly from task index page
    • Project Managers, Leaders and Admins can approve / disapprove timesheet of other users
    • Export timesheet entry to excel format
    • User can enable / disable all the modules (like Calendar, Timesheet, To-dos etc)
    • Feature added to upload all the files for Amazon S3 Bucket.
    • Ability to migrate MySQL database from one host to another
    • Remember Me feature added
    • various bugs fix
  3. chintan

    21 Nov 2015 Administrator
    Edited last year by chintan

    Version 2.1.0

    • Enable / Disable feature now includes Chat and Group Messages
    • Default View for Project and Task from List View and vice versa
    • Invoice Module added
    • Clients can now upload files from the Client Dashboard to a project
    • View uploaded PDF files in the browser directly before downloading.
    • various bugs fix
  4. chintan

    9 Dec 2015 Administrator
    Edited last year by chintan

    Version 2.1.1

    • API Support. Files added to support the mobile apps.
    • various bugs fix


  5. chintan

    2 Jan 2016 Administrator

    Version 2.1.2

    • View All Data (Projects, Tasks, Files, etc ) from the Admin Panel
    • Client Proposal and Estimate feature Added
    • Export Clients, Users, Projects, Tasks etc. in Excel Format
    • Notification when task is completed or delayed
    • Notification when Project is completed
    • Reminder created for Calendar Events
    • Bank Accounts Book Keeping feature added
    • Mail template in Invoice for 'Mail to Client' feature has changed
    • Client list view feature added
    • User list view feature added
    • API bug fix
    • various bugs fix
  6. chintan

    31 Mar 2016 Administrator

    Version 2.1.3 - Major Update with three different modules added

    • Payroll module
    • HR module
    • Leads module
    • Bug fix of showing all the task in timesheet. Only active task will be shown.
    • Linked Bank Accounts with Payroll so that it can notify regarding balance in the bank account when salaray is deducted.
    • Entries of salaries will be added to the bank account selected during payroll.
    • various bugs fix

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