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  1. 2 years ago

    I was under the impression that the 92fiveapp was going to be a free and open source application. I understand that a lot of time and effort went into the project, and I fully support this project, I was just curious as to why in the email for the demo it said that we would have to buy the app. The biggest appeal of this project to me and my business was that this was free and open source.

    On a side note the mobile view of the demo site doesn't have a nav bar to let us choose where we want to go.

  2. chintan

    9 Jul 2015 Administrator
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    @austinkregel Thank you very much for your support. We are glad that 92five app fits in your requirement. Re. Free and Open Source: I have developed 92five app v1 as a side project and made it free and open source. It was developed solely by me. I got a awesome response for 92five app. Hence decided to make the next version more awesome with exciting features. It wasn't possible for me to do the things alone. Hence, gathered a team to make that happen. We are team now working full time on 92five app to make it more awesome. We won't charge your per month or per user or per project. 92five app will remain self hosted. You just pay a nominal charge once ( as compared to other apps in the market) and get six months of support and free updates for life. Its a one time price. Hows that sound ? We are here to make things awesome. To make things which people can use it everyday.

    P.S. v1 will always remain free and open source.

  3. Hi @chintan,
    what you wrote make sense. The important thing (IMO) is that 92fiveapp remains self hosted.
    Great work.

  4. I would aprrechiate an Open Source of this version, reducing some of it's features, or in any case, still be able to use the v1 of the shoftware

  5. chintan

    22 Jul 2015 Administrator

    @ConsoleTVs You can use the v1. Available at

  6. @chintan What about a student's licence? I feel like this can be really productive when working in a small group. I personaly belong in the polytechnic university of catalonia and this could be really productive. (maybe it should need a code sharing feature) but still very good.


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